Business drivers and metrics

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To gain unbeatable achievements and be pioneer, many community aim to fully utilize the data in more elegant and potent manner. Some showstopper units are General Electric (GE), IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Stock, WhatsApp, Twitter, Entertainment sites etc. GE has invested nearly $1 billion in data activity projects over 4 years. IBM has renovate them as data powerhouse offering H/W to maintain giant databases. Considering client as foremost, Amazon has utilized major part of its earnings to build lead online retail that provide pleasing and rejoice services to end users. New trends in social sites has sustain to maintain its popularity among other media channels and keep competing with other projects to prove its stubborn survival of fittest power. There are 1.79 billion Facebook monthly active users (MAU), 500 million WhatsApp MAU, 284 million Twitter MAU, and 200 million Instagram MAU. Facebook continued to be empire among the world’s uttermost social network. Five new FB profiles are spawned every second and highest net traffic jam crop up in mid-week during 1 to 3 pm. Internet archive stockpile around two petabytes of details and per month it increases at a rate of twenty terabytes. Each day New York stock exchange hatch about 1 terabytes of fresh trade information.

Bottleneck/Dispute in Storage and Analysis

Challenges occur in all areas of data operations like access, analyze, store and management. Operating the métier at scale is about optimization and efficient allocation of resources for gaining maximum throughput and benefits among various market segments. But scaling is quite uneconomical. Many retailers and business managements will scale up/down their server capacity based on-demand without new additional hardware. But storage capacity is also another major constraints. It often spillover due to increase in customer demand for product and services. Apart from storage, key importance is given to access time. As the disk seek for each and every data access, the response time will slowdown. Though there is a localized buffered read, still every disk page need to be seek. Thus, the access speed and storage capacity becomes major bottleneck in modern demand and speed world. Aside access and storage, processing time and delay follows up. Different drive has different transfer rate and seek time. For instances maximum transfer rate typically tune between 200 MB/s to 1500 MB/s for SSD with 2ms seek time, 600 MB/s for SATA with 2ms seek time, 75-133 MB/sec for IDE with 10ms seek time. Data reliability, fault tolerance, recovery and backup services, privacy and secure access, fast and parallel processing, node and data recoverability, graceful decline in place of complete arrest of network services, handling machines failure in cost and time effective ways are some other coalition poisonous fungus that are arresting the development and proliferation. Some common unified interface pool is needed to fulfill longing requisite and uninterrupted 24/7 interaction with it.