Big data Analytics

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Does your business have data and tons of it? Are you unsure if you are utilizing the full potential of all that data?

Our team at BINFACT are experts in extracting important information out of big data—We specialize in Big Data Analytics. Our team knows, the more data your business is able to correctly interpret, the more potential for faster acceleration of your business. So find out now, with the guidance of BINFACT’s expertise, how to discover the hidden insights and opportunities in all your business’s data.

Our Strengths

Our team at BINFACT is committed to assisting businesses understand and make use of big data. We are experts in implementing data analytics and providing big data solutions using Hadoop, which is the leading big data platform to make all your data easier to manage. We consistently use many technological tools, including the following:

  • Hive, a data warehouse management system, designed for Hadoop, that provides important analysis of big data.
  • Pig, which is also a platform for analyzing data flows.
  • Spark, which is a platform that handles data processing in real-time.

By utilizing our expertise with these data analytic tools, we can interpret and extract all kinds of interesting information from your big data—from insights about consumer behavior to ideas about how to improve business performance. With our team of experienced IT professionals at BINFACT, the positive possibilities that can emerge from your business’s data are infinite.