Data Integration

Data integration is crucial to the expansion and maintenance of your business intelligence platform. Yet, for many, integrating data can often become overwhelming and all-encompassing. We understand, and we are here to say: Don’t worry—Our team at BINFACT is adept in implementing data integration.

In fact, our professionals at BINFACT are experts in performing data integration, specifically in solutions using Microsoft SQL Server, Pentaho, and Hadoop. We want to provide your business an integrated system, so that you can establish a coherent set of views more easily.

Our Strengths

Specifically, we provide a range of different integration services, including:

  •  Extracting data from legacy databases, where our technical professionals advance data migration.
  •  BI data warehousing system, where our team composes a repository for all your data.
  • Integrating big data systems from jsnon/bsno files and REST API’s, which increases business speed and decision-making processes.